I am Brad Kam, co-founder of Unstoppable Domains, Ask Me Anything July 14th 2020!


I am a serial entrepreneur from Atlanta and co-founder of Unstoppable Domains, a registry business building domain names on blockchains. Previously, I co-founded Talkable, a YC backed marketing software company.

Unstoppable Domains has registered 250,000 domains in the past year and we recently released our DChat - a decentralized chat protocol.

Looking forward to this AMA with the Hackernoon community on July 14th at 1PM PT. Feel free to start leaving your questions in this thread!


Hey what are some of the highest traffic dot crypto domains?

And which use case (payments, chat, ipfs site, etc) is getting the most usage today?


Hey, thanks for doing AMA!
Congrats on DChat launch! How long did the creation of it lasted ? Did you get everything implemented as planned?

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Hi, Brad! What is your opinion on the current state of domains? Is there still a hope for a decentralized Internet?

Thanks for answering

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Hi Bradley! Can you share a bit more of your career path? What inspired you to turn into blockchain industry after marketing sphere? Which one do you like better for career advancement?

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Hi! Thanks for doing AMA!
Love the DChat app, amazing work!
Can you share more about the creation of an app - what was the driving force behind it?

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Hi Brad! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I have a couple of questions for you:

Who do you consider to be your main competitors (apart from the usual suspects in non-blockchain domain companies)?

If you had zero marketing budget and no way to advertise with spend, what are the methods you (would) utilise to create direct revenue opportunities?

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Hey Brad, thanks for doing this session!
What are the qualities CEO of tech company should never have in order to build a succesfull business?

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Hi Brad, congrats on your DChat launch!
How do you see the decentralization sphere evolving now? In your opinion, will there be any serious competitors of DChat appearing in near future?

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Thanks for doing AMA!

What are the basic yet grounding qualities you would look for in your business ideal business partner?


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Hey there, thanks for taking your time answering questions here!

Love the job you’re doing in Unstoppable Domaind!

As a co-founder of the company, what is your perspective on the level of privacy the ideal Internet should have? What level of censorship is too much?

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Thanks Brad for taking the time to answer all these questions!

After starting with wallet aliases, getting to crypto addresses for the decentralized web based on ipfs, new services supporting this like a dBlog template with dynamic content possibilities - leading into dChat, a decentralized chat protocol: What will come next?

Geo coordinates aliases for virtual worlds like Cryptovoxel, Somnium Space, Decentraland etc.? More dWeb Templates like decentralized Shops? DChat mobile Apps and integrations in other platforms? Can you give a sneak peak?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

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hi brad!

a premium domain question.

how will they be auctioned?
i’ve heard one or more were already sold via mail bidding. are there other ways in discussion?
open bidding via secondary market platforms like opensea or mintable?

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Hello Brad!

So in regards to subdomains, what does this spell out in attached photos all mean? Do these domains expire after 30 days? If so why would someone buy them or sell them on open sea? Maybe I’m missing something but just curious if someone could then claim a .chat domain that was previously used? Also further more, what is the difference between some sub domains that don’t have complete images or names, just numbers and foggy images, why does a domain enter that state and does it mean anything in particular about the domain?

Thank you!
Chris Costello

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P.S. What will happen to a .chat domain when 30 days have passed since its creation? Will the token burn in the wallet or will it just remain as a null address in the original wallet it was created as voided token? If the name is taken can it ever be used again or transferred or is the entire .chat domain system intended disposable/self destructing? Compound question just didn’t want to miss anything. - Chris Costello

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Hey Brad. Thanks for taking the time. Previously, you ran a SaaS company, Talkable. And now you’ve found yourself going into the Dweb. Your registry has sold a lot of domains. You are also experimenting with different domain functions, such as publish, chat and/or pay. So I guess I’m curious about how you prioritize. What is the north star metric of Unstoppable? And how should people be measuring the aggregate progress of the decentralized internet?

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Hi Brad

How does DChat compete with the Whatsapp and the Facebook messengers of the world? Will you also serve rich-media? Where are my messages stored while I’m offline? Is it a server or on a decentralized service?

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How has the worldwide pandemic impacted your business?

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Three years from now, which cryptocurrency will have the largest market cap?

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