I am Brad Kam, co-founder of Unstoppable Domains, Ask Me Anything July 14th 2020!

Appreciate you doing the AMA.

I’m a marketer (copywriter) and I am wanting to actually teach people how to use Unstoppable Domains as an investment - similar to how domain flipping was taught back in the day.

Biggest obstacle - I would love to make it easy (as in Wordpress using Elegant themes easy) for people to put up opt-in pages, and connect the domains they purchase not just to IPFS but also traditional hosting companies like hostgator, etc.

My question is…


Is any of that possible? And if so, how? Where would I even go to find out such a thing? I’m a copywriter who owns a content company. If I knew how to research this better, I would! :stuck_out_tongue:


How often do you use cash and credit cards in your daily life? Are you moving your personal wealth from institutions to digital wallets?

What is your revenue? What is your current profitability?

@cryptotrader Thanks for the question! It’s early days for the decentralized web - we don’t even have good visitor stats yet. Anecdotally, I think Kyber.crypto, switcheo.crypto, and myetherwallet.crypto have been some of the biggest. Also, blogs from people like William Mougayar and Alex Masmej are getting shared quite a bit. Early days though. Come and launch something :slight_smile:

@daniel-murphy As best we could. We have the protocol. Now we want wallets and dapps to integrate it.

@techmunch We are an early stage company, but we are profitable right now. We’re hiring for Marketing, Engineering, etc! Please reach out if interested

@tomo Things like Wordpress integrations aren’t possible yet, but they could be built for sure. Right now, we’re focused on launching templates ourselves. We have a simple blog tool, personal websites, and more. It’s early but something like 17,000 websites have been launched on ipfs using these tools just since February

@fiatsaywhat No clue, you’re asking the wrong person :wink:

@CoronaVirusTech While this is obviously a terrible time for the world, one silver lining is that more of our life has become digital. I think this is a benefit to any digital asset oriented company. People need to spend more of their time digitally. I think corona may actually accelerate adoption of the decentralized web and crypto

@Hackerhodl Great question. These apps should be migrating their systems over to p2p networks. This would improve their security, protect users, and help companies avoid an editorial responsibility. They are not responsible for what users say because users control their own data. Much better security model for all involved.

@David Good question. Just as with traditional businesses, I think metrics for dweb companies should be the same. Number of people using the decentralized web and how deeply integrated is it into their daily lives. At first, the internet was something you ‘went onto.’ You would go online in the 1990’s. Now you are always on. First, we need to get to 1M users that have used the decentralized web, then we need 1M users using it for much of their life, then eventually 1B users. This process is incremental - it will take 20 years. The good news is that 2020 has been a big year for the dweb.

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@dingus1337 Thanks for the question! I recognize you from our Telegram. The chat subdomains are ‘exploding.’ The idea is that they are a temporary promotional item to enable people to try chat without having to buy a domain name. They should not be used as your regular domain name. I don’t think they should be sold at all. That’s why the warning is on Opensea.

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@Dragon1 There are a lot of secondary market platforms where you can sell or resell domains. Regarding premium domains, most are just being released on our website. We will put a small # of top domains up for auction though. Not sure how/where this will happen yet. We’re focused for now on decentralized web tools. Auctions don’t drive usage :slight_smile:

@hamster The big ideas around decentralized web are; payments, websites (content), messaging, and SSO/ID. You should expect to see more features in all of the above categories as the functionality of the dweb increases.

@community_nick Great question - I think privacy is a key element of a free internet. I think at the core privacy needs to be an option for users. I also think that many apps will require ID or real ID in order to use them. This is fine so long as these things aren’t required on the protocol level. In the future, you may have a domain name that is associated with your real ID, and another one that represents your psuedoanonymous persona, and maybe a 3rd that is meant to be anonymous, with no persona. User choice is what’s important

@dora We’re looking to partner with every great crypto company. So long as you’re building something needed and you genuinely believe in the decentralized future, you’re a fit!

@app-builder We hope we will see competitors! In fact, we’re offering grants for people to build a Dchat competitor on IPFS. These are open source protocols. We expect that many will exist. That’s fine so long as they interoperate. The important thing is that users start using chat apps that enable the user to be in control. We don’t care which protocol you use to do this.

@adam_lo You should always be kind. A lot of people watch a Steve Jobs movie and think that being an asshole is how to lead. This is untrue. Being kind will lead you to building something bigger.

@spiritedly There have been several attempts at blockchain domains, but I’d consider ENS (.eth) to be the farthest along besides us. We don’t really see it as competition though. We expect that the future will have several domain registries. We support .eth in our tooling for this reason. We just want the dweb to be easier to use

@courtney-delawar Companies like Facebook and Wechat reading your messages is really scary. Even companies like Signal store messages on their own servers, making it possible for them to get hacked, ban you, or go out of business. This means you lose your chats. The world shouldn’t work this way.