I am Alicia Ferratusco (@realaliciafe), founder of Starfish Network. Ask me anything! 5/9 @Noon PST


My name is Alicia Ferratusco. I founded Starfish, one of the most vibrant emerging tech co-working and event spaces in California. We have hosted more than 300 events and received influencers like Charlie Lee and Andreas Antonopolous.

Ask me Anything about the blockchain community, coworking, experimental real estate, ecosystem building and mechanism design for space operations.

I will be answering your questions live on Thursday May 9, 2019 12:00 PM. I’m really excited to do this here on Hacker Noon!

Please feel free to add this to your calendar.


Hi Alicia, my questions:

  • “How do you plan to beat WeWork?”
  • “Did you hear about CreativeStates? It’s a coworking in Kyiv, Ukraine. Created by Ilia Kenigshtein”
  • “What do you think about PodShare?”

Thanks for this opportunity.

made this a banner . It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user. #3

What’s different about growing a blockchain community vs. growing a tech startup community?


Hey Alicia! Awesome job with the space ! How did you manage to organize so many events ? Did you hire some growth hackers ?


Hi Alicia! There has been a lot of pushback against open office plans over the last few years. What is your take on open offices and do you see co-working in an open environment changing in the near future?


Hi @realaliciafe,

Thank you for doing this.

  1. What’s you take on the office spaces in places such as Bali. What’s the future like? Bali and Freelancers or Silicon Valley and employees?

  2. Are roadshows in Blockchain Fundraising as good as they say?


Hi @realaliciafe,

What benefits do employees gain at a co-working space which is not talked about much but is a significant issue?


I think you may be interested to chat with Pauline Roussel(https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulineroussel/)


Hi Alicia! Thank you for sharing your experience. what are your plans for the next year with Starfish?

I heard you had some offices in Europe ?

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Howdy Alicia.
What was the biggest challenge for you while setting up and filling up the space?

Thank you !!

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Hi @realaliciafe

I saw you a background in Marketing, would you say that marketing coworking spaces is different than the marketing you’ve done for companies?

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There’s been a lot of talk about DAO’s. What are your thoughts about decentralization in terms of efficacy of the Starfish Mission? Who is really “in charge” at Starfish?

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Hi Alicia, I’ve been to your workspace (via Croissant). Can you tell us about the sign on your front door?!

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Hi Alicia! I am curious to know if you had always envisioned being a founder and do you find being a woman makes founding a company more difficult?

What would you advise other women who want to build their own company?

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Hi @realaliciafe, with the price of bitcoin going down a lot last year, did you see the demand for the space decrease, what was your experience during this period?

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Is the hardest part the management and filling up the space or the event management part?


Thanks for doing the AMA, Alicia! I’m going ask you a “tough” question.

With Blockchain in the name I would imagine demand for the workspace would be through the roof. Given the crypto winter, and that there are no real dApps on the table anywhere in the world, how would you describe the atmosphere? Are people hard at work on the next big thing, or bewildered by the ineffectualness?


Hi Alicia, thank you for doing this AMA! I would imagine there are a ton of differences between building and running an online community, like this one, and building a face-to-face, in-person community like Starfish. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in building your community, that you wouldn’t face in an online setting? Have you faced any challenges in common with online communities, where the solution was radically different? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Hey Alicia,
What has been the most difficult thing you have overcome since founding Starfish? What advice can you give about it?

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