Huawei ban - what is your opinion?


I’m following this topic for the last few months. And it looks like a lot of things are hidden.
Is this just a political issue, i.e someone lobbying it or how I should react on it?

I remember how Elon Musk got some punches from billionaires, that have assets in coal production. And they paid to people to have a strike around salaries at SolarCity company

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Huawei ban in USA: Do you think it is a USA strategy to patronage iPhone as its popularity falling down continuously?

Trump administration told that Huawei copied patented industrial feature. Does America prove the claim? Politics are trying to control the wind of the change.


Well I can’t say much from my perspective yes we know products that are using AI and other companies are devising tools to get to know the user more.

The tricky part is when you have a government owned organization or organization that is controlled by a government that controls the population.

If you allow another entity to steal your intellectual property … use it for political means then in the eyes of many that’s a no go.

All government’s spy … most companies do it. But are you spying to protect your people and to make sure they are free or are you spying to keep your system of control?

If a company is not truly owned by a socialist country then there is no problem with a ban. If there wasn’t actual truth then why ban a company from a free market?

Utlimately I think this may backfire and they may create something even better … but only time will tell.


No government in the history of history has spied on its own people to keep them free. They do it to keep us under control, to keep us in line. Anyone who isn’t in line is branded a terrorist, and surprise, you’ve lost your constitutional rights. No habeus corpus; no lawyer, no fair, open, trial-by-jury. It’s more of a trial-by-fire. Or firing squad.

Governments exist, in Robert Middlekauf’s words, to “keep the King’s peace” i.e. control the population and keep the status quo. There has been no other purpose, from the beginning of time, up until the American Revolution (at least, as far as my limited perspective knows). This quote comes from The Glorious Cause by Robert Middlekauf, from the Oxford History of America series, if you’re interested – that book in particular has been great so far.

I realize this is a super-hot topic and I’m potentially toeing the line here, but it’s near and dear to my heart, and I welcome rational, logical discussion on politics in this forum.

Hell, I’d love to have a discussion around this! i’ll just bring down the banhammer on anyone who violates the forum rules, which include provisions for rational discussion without ad hominem or other personal attacks or logical fallacies. Just fair warning. :slight_smile: This applies to me as well – if I make a logical faux pas, call me out! I want to be better at rational argument.

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China is prohibited to use Facebook, Google, Dropbox, and Wikipedia. The goverment should not control…


@shun I agree. But at least they made something that can compete with US players. I mean I’m freedom freak, but more differentiation is good for world economy.

Btw, news here


To be honest, idk if we have all the evidence to make an informed opinion. All the news outlets are so focused on pushing a political agenda that we can’t get the truth.