Huawei ban in USA: Do you think it is a USA strategy to patronage iPhone as its popularity falling down continuously?


If there is really security concern than why the USA has given them relaxation of three months?

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It seems somewhat political - though pragmatic move considering China’s decades old protectionist mindset against American brands such as Google, Facebook and Amazon, in conjunction with its growing markets (earlier it was developing nation so American companies could happily ignore it).


It definitely is a political move, since huge, multinational corporations cannot avoid being enmeshed in geopolitics.

However, playing the devil’s lawyer, I would also stress that Chinese companies (as Huawei) are not fully transparent in their relationship with the Chinese government. I read in a book by Kerry Brown (China’s World: What does China want, 2017) that also the fact that Huawei’s founder, Ren Zhengfei, was part of the People’s Liberation Army does not help but exacerbate the issue.

Paranoia is in the air, basically…

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I think it’s more of a political move than an economic one (and definitely not for patronizing iPhone as Google and a bunch of giant techs are joining, too!) since Huawei’s got some reputation for “spying” on other countries. But, who’s to say the US (or other countries) is not low-key doing it? Honestly, I’m looking forward to see all the competition in the smartphone/tech community in the US (now that there is no Huawei on their way) and how Huawei can (and will) get back in the game and get even bigger (rumors has that they are launching their own OS this September). Also, this is not the first time Huawei is discouraged in the US (