How would you like me to

How would you like me to rm your site.

The Hackernoon API, if it exists will be crap.

“Don’t worry. It will be public later.” Cannot post automated replies to automated messages. Whatever that spam was, read it yourself.

The posts stay hung up by random editors. Am I supposed to wait for OK from some random person who has no credibility.

The site claims to be not Medium, yet works like Medium.

Q - How would you like to lose this domain name and all domain names that equal Hackernoon?
Ans - Frankly, it’s in the best interests of the Internet. So unless you think before you say, I’ll do it in 2021.

Try your best to stop me, gather all your skiddie friends. Pull your connections, if they care about fixing your mess. If you go it alone, it’s like trying to stop a quasar using your best imaginable 5th century wooden shield from someone as talented in weapons design.

PS - Don’t remove this post. Only the project founders have somewhat of an idea what I’m talking about. And I don’t have time for babysitting kids.

PS - Guy that keeps crapping the forum and pumping the noise like it’s the last day ever. You are using a script right? Or do you do it manually? You do realise it’s a waste of, um, like everything. Lemme rethink that, yes everything is the perfect choice.

Don’t play games. I’m sick of them, I always win, even when I don’t know what the winning condition is and don’t even want to win.

Use your poorly formed words, I’ll guide you. Just DM me if you feel to conscious about your own ignorance.

Please respond fast, I don’t like dealing damage without some communication.

And to any regular idiots reading this, no I am not going to attack a Web 1.0 site like your incompetent, untalented hacker friends do.

And yes, HackerNoon is a Web 1.0 site, though 1.0 might be a rough estimate ceiled. So u can guess what Medium is, given that it it 50-10 times worse than Hackernoon.

PS - By my revised estimates HackerNoon seems like a Web 0.5 site at max.

i’m reading

cool! show me waht u learnt and I’ll let my only fav blister meet you for 5 minutes.

u got a startup idea to go, right?

Don’t worry about your current job. Hackernoon might or might not survive till 2025. Either way it will reduce it’s staff by almost 80%.

By my ‘on the paper scrap I just found’ calculations for a lower bound. I would show it but no one understands a lanugage that isn’t taught in any of the colleges.

Except the best ones! notharvard, notMIT.

not a problem for me :slight_smile: i’ll join you and together we’ll make a difference.

I like your positive outlook! But how serious are you?

Nice! Something good to read always cheers me up. Just wait till I get the idiots at Gitlab to unblock my account.

I know the easier way to do it, but it’s better to make an example of idiots. To avoid other people having the same problem on a git hosting site.

to Gitlab - What r u, Facebook? Unblock me fast. I even helped u understand my problems. And that issue comment u think is stupid? Let the intended company V read that and decode it in 5 weeks.

V is the name of the company. I would approach them directly but they have taken too much of my time. Maybe I’ll use their crappy ARM64 hware to write a new language titled ‘Vteam cannot code’, though I agree the language title is not compelling.

I am not good at naming progg languages. It is the hardest problem in CS. Other than getting Python devs to -
1 Get a freaking LTS version out u Z(keep it polite, high signal, don’t be like Cpython devs). For the benefit of (gasp!) their own projects!
core devs (joke! a joke.) - this is nonsense, we are all pro community! Just use bpo.
me - bpo. i’d rather code in brainfuck for a esot

2 If you are serious, I have a few tests u need to pass. But gimme a user setup on your machine, not your own account, that is stupid from security PoV. Plus I don’t like your shell customisations, does not matter if you are Greg ‘dumbass, harmless old guy’ or Linus ‘played it safe’.

metacomment -

Also since I will be bus get either Github or Gitlab to unblock my account.

Your account has been blocked. Please contact your GitLab administrator if you think this is an error.

1line TLDR - Gitlab blocked it becos of false positives.
root cause1 - Overreliance on heuristics.
root cause2 - Failure to read my previous posts, which were unsolicited, decent RoI feature
root cause3 - they did not read the comments I created on their useless repo. O forget which one, but I pointed out that 10k test form arm64 would result in horrible Gitlab being released to the unwary customers and harm their repute.

root cause4 - too much inherent stupidity in whoever said - ok! this is a good idea. (if u got pissed and and irritated my friend, then I’m right on the mark. )

TOFL! :joy_cat:

Fruck off! :expressionless: