How would AI Affect the future


Artificial Intelligence (AI) may look like something out of the pages of a sci-fi book, yet you’d be surprised how often you use it daily. As technology continues to improve, AI will become even more common with more widespread utilization among diverse industries. To start with, let’s begin with the basic definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what it includes.

30+ Powerful Artificial Intelligence Examples

With AI in above fields as listed in the link, how do you think AI would affect the future?


AI has already come a long way, but it still lacks self-awareness. People can reflect their own thoughts while robots just automatically match new patterns against previous ones. They do it very fast and effectively, and it’s cool. The question is whether robots will learn to ‘know themselves’? Some researchers say that AI will acquire this skill somewhere between 2036 and 2060. Let’s wait and see:)