How Will Gen Z Pay for The Content They Consume?

How Will Gen Z Pay for The Content They Consume?

They never had to directly pay for the news, but Gen Z won’t kill off the digital publisher. Technology is giving publishers the tools to engage the ‘lost’ generation.

The Times is more like Buzzfeed and Buzzfeed is more like The Times. There’s a convergence not many expected.

Gen Z does not actually consume content for free. You must have heard something like: “if it’s free, you’re the product.”

But your articles explains things quite well. It’s not just for publishers, it is for every business. If they do not adapt, they cease to exist.

Give them people to hate, and they’ll kill to read or watch content that you produce. Add spice to political events, talk about the Kardashians or make fun of them, criticize everything, and don’t forget to add click baity titles. People would pay you what you demand to consume such content.

Produce good content, target the right audience, and upgrade with every Google algorithm update and you’ll probably never run out of business.

Though I agree it’s a bit complicated to understand the demands of Gen Z. But isn’t business about being dynamic and adapting to the way the consumers change?