How Top Tech Companies Deal With COVID-19

How Top Tech Companies Deal With COVID-19

What measures Google, Uber, Microsoft, IBM, Slack and more apply due to coronavirus? Tweets from their employees included.

Very happy to hear that google has banned all the ads that was trying to capitalize the situation and sell their own products and it is the time we need to help each other by keeping social distance and sharing positive information via social profiles as there is over 4,46,145 affected case and this keep increasing every day Hard to hear the response from Uber and there similar Uber like app companies and what is their status on this.


Kapildev, we at Syndicode totally share your viewpoint.
Instead of speculation, all of us must join forces, provide quality unbiased content and services that might be helpful for people standing on the upfront of the outbreak.

What about Uber-like companies? Please share more info.