How to Write Better Posts as a Developer

How to Write Better Posts as a Developer.

I wrote my first post as a developer about 18 months ago, on April 2018. Since then I have read and wrote a ton of them.

Finally, we have a developer telling how to write better posts as a developer.

And by the way, you write a pro blogger. Short sentences. Short paragraphs with some lengthier ones stacked in between the shorter ones. It makes stuff so easy to read.

Great tips, though.

The internet world is too dynamic to keep your old things up to date all the time. Your tips are great, but being able to update your older articles from time to time does not sound like a very efficient idea. Rather, just go on and create new content. That way, you ensure that your content is up to data and also bring more engagement to your blog or profile.

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Thanks, @thattechgeek.

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Yeah, you are right. I have been talking with a lot of devs about this.
One thing I realised that if a reader is not paying back(in any form) the author for his work, the author has not much incentive to maintain the posts. Plus you have a good point that it’s better to create new content.
So, the platform is not solving a big enough problem.

Anyways, this was just a small part of what I am building within simpleaswater. I found out(I did a survey) that gathering good resources for learning and a platform to get people started with Web3 is a much bigger problem. So, I’m on that now.

That’s great to know that you’re paying so much attention to this. Wish you all the success. Would love to learn more about your project. Make sure you write in details about your research and you project. @vasa

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