How to use Satin Table Runner to add a Charm to Your Reception?

At the wedding, your guest will spend a good portion of your wedding seated, so give them something lovely to look at. Table runners and tablecloths are the quickest and easiest way to dress up long tables and sweetheart tables. They fill the space and provide the perfect backdrop for flowers and candles.

The proper table runners act to visually anchor your table while bringing together your decorative touches for a cohesive look. It is ideal to find a reliable wedding products supplier for buying nylon tulle , table linens, runners, chair covers, napkins, favor bags, flower petals, and many others. Below, I’m going to share some ways to use table runners.

How to Use Stain Table Runner?

Table runners are no longer drab strips of cloth used merely as a base of your centerpiece. The upscale and glamorous vibe of the modern white, ivory, black, blue, and pink satin table runners makes for an effortless way for dressing up any table. It fills out space and complements the aesthetic of your table with utmost grace.

Decorating with Satin Tablecloths

The satin shiny and glossy appeal makes it an enduring fabric choice when decorating your buffet, dessert, or guest tables. However, satin by nature is glossier than other materials. It is most commonly used as an accent fabric or table overlay. When it comes to coordinating your centerpieces with satin, there are no rules because it is highly versatile. It creates a truly breathtaking ambience from candle holders and lanterns to floral arrangements and mason jars.

Wow Guests with Satin Chair Covers
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The shiny and glossy look of satin can transform any chair into a seat fit for royalty. A satin chair sash is highly elegant when tied alone around a chic Chiavari chair. You can also pair it with coordinating covers to make seating your guests a regal affair. With a pop of color and alluring textures, every chair can coordinate with the event’s magical ambience.

Table Runners to Match Your Wedding Theme

Table runners can make every theme more complete and the material you use for a table runner can match any theme, whether you have a formal, glamorous, rustic, or nature-themed wedding. You can also have some fun with runners, adding a bit of flair, pop, and absurdity to the wedding table.

Table Runners for Round Tables

How you use a table runner may also be determined by the shape of your table. For a round table, a single runner may feel stubborn and look like it’s cutting the table in half. However, if you use two overlapping table runners, creating a cross across the table, you will add a remarkable element that highlights the center of the table. Make sure you have a centerpiece worth emphasizing.

Table Runners for Rectangular Tables

The most communal use for table runners is on rectangular tables. A long wooden table can sense hard and masculine. Adding a table runner made of soft and shiny materials, like satin, can add a touch of femininity. Whatever your theme, you want to enrich the romance at every turn. A table runner that is light and soft will exude romance.


Table runners add a pop of color and texture, taking your tables from basic to brilliant. You can find a leading wedding and craft material supplier for buying tulle fabric, wholesale table linens , chair covers, silk flower petals, organza favor bags, deco mesh, ribbons, sashes, bows, and many others.

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