How to Reset Password with Node.js and Angular [Part 1]

How to Reset Password with Node.js and Angular [Part 1]

There are lots of tutorials about user authentication but all of them are just covering the topics like how to sign up and how to sign in. Even if you find a tutorial about reset password then you will see that it covers old school method without APIs and using jQuery based front-end. In this tutorial, we are going to use a Node.js based API which will connect to Angular front-end. Let’s get started:

Following your code letter by letter, i got this error
“msg”: “passwordResetToken validation failed: _userId: Path _userId is required.”
Can you please tell me what I’m doing wrong?
this error occur immediately after i put my mail in the textt box and hit send


Have you downloaded the full source code from Github?
I included the link at the end of tutorial.

Hey haykoyaghubyan!
Thanks for your fast response btw
Yes I’ve downloaded the source code and implemented it (changed the mail address to mine of course), but when i test-run, i didn’t receive any mail. I also tried with sendgrid, but its still the same. no email received. Could this be because I’m on local host?

Hey, the link for the second part is broken

Hey @tzadok. It happens sometimes when you use the localhost. On the production mode when you use your domain name it works perfectly.

You should get an email. If you don’t receive then it might happen because of wrong API key. I will recommend to check API key also verify your Sendgrid account.

The source code link is expired. Kindly update it.