How to Get registered with Google to Send AMP-Powered Emails


One of the hottest email design trends for 2019 is interactivity, and AMP is the most progressive way to implement it in your emails. This technology is pretty new, so it’s not quite clear how to use it.

The situation is complicated by the fact that you need not only to find ESP that supports AMP for email and build AMP-Powerd email but also it’s necessary to get permission from Google for this. Let’s briefly discuss each step.

Step 1. Choosing ESP that supports AMP

First of all, make sure that ESP that you are about to use supports AMP technology to avoid extra work in case it doesn’t. So far, there are only a few ESPs that support this technology:

  • Amazon SES and Pinpoint — this service uses API method;
  • eSputnik — uses both the API and SMTP methods; API currently available, SMTP — coming soon;
  • SendGrid — also uses API method only;
  • SparkPost — sends AMP emails via both the API and SMTP methods.

Step 2. Build AMP-powered email

The second step is actually a building AMP email. There are two ways to do it:

  • Using Gmail AMP for Email Playground — Google offers 10 different AMP-elements for your campaigns. On this platform you can also build AMP HTML emails from scratch;
  • Using — allows creating classical HTML email by using drag-n-drop editor, then just insert the code of your AMP element into the email HTML code. And insert the type of the AMP element before the closing </head> tag.

Step 3. Getting whitelisted with Google

This is the most difficult step, but the benefits of AMP for Email worth it. AMP emails could contain confident information, such as card info, that’s why Google wants to make sure that everything is secured.

So, what should you do to get whitelisted?

  1. Authenticate your email using SPF and DKIM;
  2. Make sure that your DKIM signature matches the domain of our business email address;
  3. Have a consistent history of bulk emails;
  4. Send AMP email via your ESP to Google (ampforemail.whitelosting@gmail.coml) ;
  5. Fill out the Senser Registration Form;

Please note, that you will not get any confirmation emails. You will be notified only when you get whitelisted, so no panic!

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