How to get first programming job - no experience

After hours scrolling though StackOverflow jobs, Seek, and Github jobs a common trait I’ve noticed is that even most of the junior developer roles require years of experience!

I 100% understand hiring an inexperienced developer will probably only reduce the team’s productivity for a while, but how is it that new developers can earn the essential experience they need to start their career?

I’m 16, I can code in 4.5 languages, I’m studying programming at school, and have a cert III in ICT but I can’t get a job.

Some advice/stories/idea would be much appreciated.

Start building some side projects and list them on your resume.
Get certifications pertaining to your skill-set. AWS/Azure are really popular right now.
Overall, build up a solid GitHub portfolio that showcases your skills to potential employers.


A lot of times, it’s easier to break in with a project than a job. Who do you know already paying people to build something that you could build?

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I have a lot of details at "Coding school" project diary

find local internship. make 100 interviews with different companies. check this:

feel free and ask questions

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I want to get a part time remote internship as my area doesn’t have much opportunity. I have some experience in Python, Swift, HTML , CSS, JS and continuing to learn. Do you think this is feasible with my current skillset?

Any recommendations to learn AWS/Azure? I have about a year of programming experience.

by my experience - you should pick one/two things(technologies). Right now - all fancy names that you mentioned, you maybe just know about semantics only. Again, I might be wrong. But by statistics - you fit an average student that I meet.

I don’t understand this part, elabore more

There are no programming jobs in my area so I am think about getting a remote internship so I can work from home.

Looks like nobody click to the links that I shared to articles. One is actually may help in your case