How to EFFECTIVELY Manage Young Product Managers

How to EFFECTIVELY Manage Young Product Managers

The ultimate guide on how to manage young PMs in your team.

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Brilliant Article #HackerNoonTopStory

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Thanks Aahan! It’s a great article. I’m not a product leader but a young PM. But, this made me understand about the expectations of product leaders to some extent.

“Bring them in as problem solvers and get out of their way.” Sums it up pretty well.

And as the saying goes, “great leaders more great, not followers.”

Excellent (speaking as an old guy product manager). Great prioritization there! You have to help them develop their “significance sensor” above all else.

Brilliant. From point one to point you, everything is very precise and explains things clearly.

Also, don’t just let them make mistakes, guide them through their mistakes. That way, we ensure we’re creating great leaders.

While you wrote it from the view point of managing young product managers, I feel these are great tips for anyone guiding or mentoring their industry juniors. All these are great tips to build someone into a great leader without really forcing anything upon them that they might find uncomfortable to adjust with.

Great share, Aahan. Keep writing.