How to Display Under Hacker Noon Search Terms?


My post Android Unidirectional Data Flow with LiveData went live this morning. Thanks for the scheduled post! :confetti_ball::slightly_smiling_face:

May someone advise on how I can fix the post to show under the correct search terms within the HN publication?


I noticed the post is not showing under Hacker Noon’s relevant search terms within the publication, such as ‘android’, ‘android dev’, ‘android development’, or ‘android app development’.

Attempted solution

I’ve double checked the post’s selected tags which contain the relevant Android terms above.

Much appreciated!!


Hey @adamhurwitz

I checked it out by clicking on the tags used in your story. Your story does appear on my system.

(Screenshot for reference)


Thanks for looking into this @Hackerhodl and for the screenshot as reference!

What is the difference between a tagged result and a search result? Also, how does a user get to the tagged results from the UI?

After seeing your result from the tagged endpoint I searched the same tag ‘android app development’, however the article is not returned.


Hey @adamhurwitz

Happy to help.

When you search for a keyword/phrase, the stories with exact and near matches will be shown. For example, your story will show up first if you search for Android Unidirectional Flow, Android data flow, or even, Android Live Data.

Tags are akin to self curation tools for contributors. If you tag a story with a particular tag, the story will show up in that tag page.


@Hackerhodl, that makes sense.

As you point out, I’ve tested the search for Android Unidirectional Flow, Android data flow, and Android Live Data which all return my article.

However, my last question is potential reasons why the search for Android does not return my article?

My article as well as the top Hacker Noon search results for Android have the term Android mentioned numerous times in the body of the content as well as once in the title.

Any insight into how to optimize for displaying for Android would be greatly appreciated as the article is highly relevant for Android! :slight_smile: