How to come on the Hacker Noon Podcast


Hey Hacker Noon contributors!

Did you know we have an awesome podcast?

If you are interested in coming on the show, or know someone we should interview here’s our submission form to nominate guests:

We would love to get more of our writers on the show.



Hey, heads ups some great potential guests: @justine (CRV VCs), (dev work/recruitment/writing), @stewofkc (encrypted search), @stevekonves (architect by day, open source by night), @lala (blockx labs, canadian blockchain dev scene), @fritjofsson (european venture capital), @howard (equity crowdfunding pioneer), @donavon (American Express dev relations),


Happy to connect with any of them to come on the show.


Just find this awesome man. his last podcast is fun and reminds me your podcast with @David

Jason Calacanis

And please do Joe Rogan!


Let’s do it!

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I think it should be tagged as Podcast category @david :wink:
it was hard to find it

prepared this list month ago

Broke Angel Zach Coelius

Nikki Elizabeth, creator of FB group that helps small projects

Oleg Vishnepolsky

Ryan Hoover

Naval Ravikant

Renata George

Jenny Björklöf

Pia Mancini

Kevin Owocki


Now You know channel(Tesla Time News)

Ask Joe

Verge Science

Hello World Bloomberg

  • CEO Boston Dynamics

  • Dr. Ben Goertzel

  • Sam Altman

Awesome talks, Trent - thanks!