How to Circumvent Prospect Objections Using Justification with Matt Tommy

Every sales person encounters objections when trying to sell. What separates the ones who ball out, and get everything they want, with the ones that live in their Mom’s basement, is how they deal with those objections.

Often when people object, what they are really saying is that what you are offering is somehow wrong or unfair.

If you can show them that what you are offering makes sense and is completely fair, then they will no longer have reason to object.

In this way you as the seller aren’t fighting objections, rather, you’re justifying why what they perceive as being wrong, is exactly how it should be.

This takes a certain amount of poise as a seller.

If you become defensive in any way it will add tension to the negotiation.

And why would you become defensive?

You are trying to help them get to where they want to go.

Keep your tone calm. Slow down your cadence. Talk to them like a friend.

People trust their friends, and trust is the number one component that you need to become successful in sales.

Your goal should always be to make the transaction as comfortable as possible .

And what are some ways to make sure that happens?

1.) Be a good listener and ask straightforward questions based on their answers.

2.) Use a framework as opposed to a particular script so that the interaction is conversational and authentic. Ie. Don’t be a robot

3.) Genuinely be interested in helping them achieve their goals.

If necessary also create a little ethical urgency to allow your client to be able to logically justify taking action. (Sometimes our best friends are those that push us a little outside of our comfort zones.)

Don’t push.

Pull them towards a mutually beneficial destination.

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