How to Build a Heathy "Give and Take Relationships" within Multi-sided Platforms

How to Build a Heathy “Give and Take Relationships” within Multi-sided Platforms

As a product manager, I came across numerous situations where I had to put myself into the shoes of customers as well as stakeholders. This is a necessary step to get to know the requirements from both sides and integrate these requirements into a product. That being said, one could argue that the product is basically an intermediary between the stakeholders and customers. Well, not literally stakeholders but their businesses. That made me think of an approach where each product could be built as a multi-sided platform, which connects two groups of participants — the ones that offer a service (stakeholders or business owners) and the others that are looking for the same services (customers or other businesses).

Hey @dakic, thanks for the product insights. When you look at Airbnb, what is the moment when it moves from ‘discovery’ to ‘handshake’ phase?

Hey @cleverduckling :slight_smile:
Well, in case of Airbnb, I see their search and filter features being part of the “discovery” phase. Customers can discover what they want (apartment) based on their need (intention to travel). This relationship transitions to the “handshake” phase when the user clicks to a particular listing (apartment details). Here, the platform provides transparency since the listing has images of the apartment, amenities list, etc. On the other hand, the listing owner can check out the reviews that the user got from previous visits. This way, they can see what each side is offering and can choose to agree to proceed with the transaction.

There are quite a few MSPs available for use today. And I believe they are a great business model. In that we, we let other business get on board and contribute to our own business growth. What better can we ask for?