How Netflix Spends on Licensed Content vs. Original Content [Analysis]

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i’m very new to hackernoon culture, but does that mimic current relationship between hn and medium?



Hey @rottn, that’s a whole 'nother can of worms.



hello @David, and that too. what i mean by mimic is the fact that medium has to rely on ‘licensed content’ as in content that they did not produce themselves but had to source. same for hn but in reverse that relies(ed) on medium platform, ‘licensing’ it’s presence in the tech world. or am i misinterpreting business relationship model between the two?



I think its in the best interest of the contributor to own their content. In the history of media, the companies at the top have tended to own the content of their contributors.

I think the owners’ of the content realized how much money Netflix was making so they made it harder to license the content. In this case, Netflix decided to spend a lot on buying original content.