How much time it takes to get articles published?

My apologies if my title seemed a bit off. I’m new to hackernoon and I have no idea how things run here. Can anyone tell me how much time usually editors take to publish a piece. I happen to have submitted one article “How to choose right hashtag” a more than 2 days before and the only thing I saw was, 2-3 people opened it.

Is there any way to know whether my article has been accepted or rejected?

here’s a link to my draft, I dont know if this will open or not:

@natasha @utsavjaiswal

hey @natashamoore155, does this link to a company/site you have a vested interest in?

“Tools like HashtagsForLikes make it easy for you to quickly uncover popular hashtags relevant to your industry and even get useful data to make sure you’re choosing the right hashtags for your posts.”

If so please disclose, and then we can move forward.

Sorry, I didn’t know how to do that ‘disclose vested interest.’ And Yes, this is the company I work for. Though our motive wasn’t to spam or do promotion that is why I kept it (link) to the bottom so.

Also, if its not much of trouble, could you please tell me how to disclose interest when submitting the draft?

Thanks for clarifying that. When the mention/link comes up, you can disclose that you work for the company instead of implying it is a third party.

Hi @natashamoore155! you can check out the information here for detail about submissions and approvals. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Sorry about that. From next time, I’ll make sure everything goes as per norms. Thanks for your help, appreciate it. Have good day.

Thanks for your help, but the page is for removing story or editing story, I didn’t see anything related to story status or something. Anyway, David cleared all up, so hopefully it will get published soon.