How much Paper are we Wasting in the Fight with Forgery?

How much Paper are we Wasting in the Fight with Forgery?

While living in the digital age, we have gradually switch to digital forms of writing instead of relying on the old-fashioned pen and paper. This switch has gone so far that we may even be gradually risking our ability to write: more than three quarters of people (76%) from the British poll say they now type more than they write by hand. No wonder some countries have dropped handwriting lessons in favor of typing lessons. For example, Finland completely removed handwriting from its schools in 2014, and in the US, the requirement to learn cursive has been left out of core standards since 2013.

Blockchain is probably the most efficient way to handle data without using papers. And by implementing blockchain, we’ll save a great percentage of the 35% of trees that are cut for producing paper. This would have a major impact on the environment.

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Blockchain is certainly THE solution for reducing paper use, however, it’s far from mainstream as of now.