How Much Does It Cost to Convert My App Idea into Reality?


I have an idea to develop an eCommerce App. Initially, I want to start with 15-20 products and have a plan to launch my app in USA.

How long and how much will it cost in 2019?

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Hi Rose,

It’s very difficult to give the exact cost to build an eCommerce App without knowing the accurate requirement of yours!

Generally, cost to build an app depends on many factors. Some of them are as mentioned below:

  1. Selecting different Operating System
  2. Complexity of the app
  3. Experience level of the developer
  4. Customized design
  5. Outsource or in-house development

I came across this blog and thought this might be helpful to you to get the approx cost to build an eCommerce app. Check this out : How Much Does it Cost to Build An App?

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Hi @Rose

We are a Mobile App Development Company and have been developing Mobile Apps for 10 years before I can give you a ballpark quote I would need a few more details.

Could you please share your contact details on so that we can have a quick word and get you started.

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Hey @Rose, this Hacker Noon post by Mayank Pratap has helped a lot of people map out their ecommerce apps. Ranks very highly in google:



Developing the app is the cheapest part. Marketing the app is where the $$$ add up.



I agree. I think understanding the problem solved and the positioning in the market is very important. there are thousands of apps that could have potential but didn’t grow because of lack of users or right positioning. Share with as many devs as possible though, @Rose, a lot of dev love to build new stuff and would love to help you im sure!



There are extremes on both sides - here on SO is a super-useful thread that was written at the time when apps were still what AI / Machine Learning is today. It was about time when I jumped into iOS bandwagon - I ended up publishing 4 apps/games myself, finally to land into a full time iOS dev position. That article puts the cost up to 6 figure levels, but in reality it costs much less today, because of arrival of techs like React native.

However data driven apps with complex UI still costs around that much because they require expert devs with architectural skills.

Lot of boiler plate can be taken from Git - but doing it the right way requires experience. The only real differentiator is the number of hours it takes today compared to what it was 5 / 10 years ago - that’s where hiring true talent helps you save money rather than outsourcing stuff.

In other words, it’s a choice of “having an app” vs “having an awesome app”.



You’d need to scope this out for someone to be able to give you an accurate quote for how much this costs.

Depending on the complexity, and depending on if you go with a certain team or not, prices can vary wildly.

One key thing to keep in mind: you get what you pay for.

Best to create the overarching list of deliverables you need, specifically, and ask a team for a quote. See what they say.

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As I think,it depends on your budget.
For example,what if you have a $50,000.00 budget but your idea requires the resources of $75,000.00?
The best thing that you can do is understand in advance a realistic expectation of what it would take to build your app. Think of all the different roles and pieces required. How it will break down into having a team. How long it will take. Give yourself a realistic idea in advance. Figure out how to make your specific budget work. Sometimes, if you need more funding, think about family and friend rounds. Talking to an angel investor. Tons of different options are available. Good luck:)

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