How Much Does It Cost to Clone Popular Apps?

The exact cost of the clone script also depends on the customization process. The cost can be fixed only after you discuss customization requirements with the script provider. Here, is a simple guide to get the real-time price of a clone script.

  • First, let the mobile app development company (which is the script provider) know about your interest. To do that, you need to fill out a simple form on its official site.
  • Then the expert from the firm will contact you to know your requirements.
  • You can get a demo of the ready-made clone script, then discuss this with the expert regarding the customization.
  • After the consulting, you can get a quote for the clone script with customization.

With the above said four steps you can know the exact price of the app clone script. From SpotnRides, you can get an effective Uber clone app script for your business. Despite the Uber clone app script being a well-known solution for taxi businesses, we have our unique product Uber for X that has the same basic structure and features as the Uber app and can be compatible with any kind of on-demand service-based business.