How much does an eCommerce website cost in 2019?

How much does it cost to build an e-commerce website nowadays? As of 2018, e-commerce website cost can range from $35,000 to $1,000,000 and even extend beyond.

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I dont think one needs to build an e-commerce website from scratch these days, there are plenty of well built options one can use to build their own e-commerce site.

To begin with Magento, Opencart, Shopify etc all these sites offer open source software that one can run on their own. Also, these are platforms with loads of external plugin offerings for search, recommendations, seo optimisations, invoice generations, shipping details, payment gateway integrations etc.

Ideally it should take a developer 10-12 hours to setup an e-commerce platform like magento. Depending on the country you are in it might take anywhere in between $300-$1000

The Infrastructure expenses have to be still borne though.


I have recently interested in this question and read a lot of information.
I found that approximately, a small-sized ecommerce website is determined by a few aspects: small product catalog (100-1000), some custom programming, off-the-shelf themes, light traffic, basic design. Small websites have no more than 25 pages and out-of-the-box functionality. Estimated small ecommerce website development cost: $2,000 to $15,000.
A medium-sized ecommerce website is built using an average product catalog, medium traffic (1000-5000), customized themes, unique functionality, design and development of “pro” features. Medium-sized ecommerce stores usually have less than 100 pages and a content management system. Estimated medium ecommerce website development cost: starting with $15,000$30,000 .
A custom ecommerce website is built from scratch and usually has a large product catalog, high traffic, custom layouts and imagery. In addition, it has custom design, custom programming, system integration, great variety of payment methods, multiple shipping options, a content management system, unique functionality, order tracking, refund processing and other advanced features.Such custom stores usually have more than 100 pages and a content management system. Estimated custom ecommerce website development cost starts from $30,000.
But actually there are a lot of important aspects you need to take into consideration to determine the online store development cost and here you can read more about that


An eCommerce website is a business like any other, it requires employees in different roles & capital to keep it going.

An eCommerce business might not need much of an investment at the beginning, but as it scales, the capital investment requirement becomes quite high.

When it comes to employees;

  • You will need an admin to manage the eCommerce store from all aspect or you could be the admin to your business.
  • You will need a tech team at all times to take care of your eCommerce system so that it works at all times & doesn’t have issues during your peak selling time.
  • You need your logistics team to work seamlessly or you could hire drop shipper to do the job.
  • You require a customer support team to help your online customers to get their queries answered regarding products & orders.
  • You need accountants to manage your finance wisely.

There are many types of “e-commerce.” If you sell info products (that you produce or buy “Private Label Rights” or “Resell Rights” to, you can get by on $50-100/mo. You could be in that range for an affiliate site like one selling other people’s Amazon or eBay goods.

If you want to set up your own store and sell drop-ship goods on Amazon, Shopify, etal. you’ll have to step up your legal costs so you can communicate “as a business” with your suppliers and to build a store on those platforms. Maybe $1-2K to start up and then $100+/mo.

There are many eCommerce solutions that can help you create an online store or marketplace business like Amazon or Flip kart. Some of the best ones are:

  1. ShopyGen
  2. Reaction commerce
  3. Yo!kart
  4. Spurt commerce
  5. Ymple

If we are talking about developing a website using complex CMSs, for example, Magento, here it takes much longer than developing and designing a website using WordPress and Shopify. You should note that in Eastern Europe, developers charge approximately $45 per hour, while in Western Europe the price varies between $51 and $100+. Let’s describe the cost in stages:

  • Creating the project scope - 7–19 hours
  • The CMS installation - 2–4 hours
  • Installation of extensions & softwares - 6–27 hours
  • *Custom extension development (if it’s necessary) 8–40 hours
  • Ready-to-go theme (Searching, downloading, and configuring an off-the-rack theme) - 1–4 hours
  • *Custom theme development (Creation of a custom theme (creating a theme prototype, theme structure, developing the theme)) - 40–320 hours
  • E‑commerce website design - 40–128 hours
  • Back‑end development (coding, setting payments, product details, bug fixing, etc.) - 25–98 hours
  • Server architecture preparation - 6–24 hours
  • Testing & fixing - 3–11 hours
  • Live deployment - 3–4 hours.

As you can see, the professional development of an e-commerce website using complex CMS can take between 90/*135 to 320/*679 hours, considering all additional development steps. It means that e-commerce website costs between $4,300 and $16,000 (custom extension and theme development are not included to this price).

Custom WordPress website development will cost between $5,000 and $15,000.
Shopify website development will cost from $500 to $10,000.


don’t trust to calculators. Create a code for ecommerce != to start to sell something via that website. if you want to sell - you don’t need a website from start.

if you want an estimate and don’t fail everything - spend 1 month and combine all your ideas/wishes at one place. it will be your specification. then any estimate will be at least possible.

There are two main questions I ask potential clients before estimating an eCommerce website cost: “What are your sales and traffic goals?” and “What custom features will you need for the website to meet them?” Your answers can vary greatly depending on whether you’re a start-up, market leader or something in between. So it makes sense that eCommerce website development costs can vary greatly, too.

For example, if you want to do $50,000 a year in sales, you can probably find an eCommerce website for around the $5,000 range. If you’re looking to do millions in sales, which many of our potential customers are, then the cost of your eCommerce website will be higher because more features and functionality will need to be built to gain a market edge. Remember: Starting an eCommerce website is like starting any real business. It takes the capital, planning, and a solid team to be successful.

Main Items That Determine Your eCommerce Website Cost:

1. Design - There is a big difference in cost for a fully custom design vs. a template
2. Functionality - Custom functionality needs and unique programmed features will increase pricing.
3. Data Imports - If you need product data or past order/customer data imported, this can increase your website development costs. Be sure your database includes all of the data needed to run your website.
4. Marketing and SEO - A fully integrated marketing plan will boost the cost of the build, but it may be critical for driving traffic to your site and delivering ROI.
5. Integration - Making an eCommerce website work with an ERP or other third-party systems can often cost thousands.
6. Company Selection - Choosing a reputable, experienced company often costs much more but also provides more value. If the project is being outsourced overseas, it will be less expensive, but that comes with its own kind of costs.

Generally, eCommerce website development prices can range from $1000 to $5000 or more. The cost will ultimately be driven by your overall sales and traffic goals, the features you need, and the type of eCommerce website company you select (whether the USA or overseas, in-house or outsourced).


Depends what you want to use for it, and how much you want to customise.

For instance, there are numerous eCommerce systems you can get for free, like WooCommerce (for WordPress), OpenCart, Magento and OS Commerce. You’ve also got free online systems too, if you’d prefer someone else hosted your site on your servers.

You can also get free themes, free plugins and other free additions too, meaning that in theory, you could easily run a shop without spending any money at all. Or by spending $5 a year on a domain/cheap shared hosting.

But those prices are for those who are either happy with the free stuff already out there, or who have the design/coding abilities needed to customise it without the help of a third party. If you want more than that and don’t have said skills, then the price increases for every extra feature or bit of theme complexity involved in the site.

Same goes with the hosting (that can cost a fortune if you’re not careful/splash out on an entire rack of dedicated servers), the support, marketing, etc.

So yeah, it really depends how much you want done custom, how much experience you have coding/designing websites, etc.


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Web development process starts with the discovery of your business idea and includes not only coding but expertise, testing, various analysis, web promotion, etc. So the cost of website depends on some criteria like

  • Platform,
  • Security,
  • Common UI/UX features,
  • Onboard communication,
  • Multilanguage,
  • Integrations,
  • Permanent items
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