How is ".to" domain extension?


Hi my fellow hackers,

I am thinking of creating a blog about something cool.

But almost every domain extension is gone.

All these: .io, .xyz, .is, .com, .co, .net, .org are gone!

But “.to” is available, so should I get this?

It costs like $40, does it worth it?

I am thinking of waiting for the registered extension but the WHOIS information has been hidden and some showing theirs will take so long; and I can’t guarantee even if it isn’t set to be auto renewal.

There is, so is .to also cool?

Though, I love it, simple (everyone should remember two letter words easily “t o” and also short so I want to get feedback from you guys!



I look at domain endings as sign of credibility (.com, .gov, .org, etc.) or colloquial cost/benefits, i.e. something like has a nice ring to it, but many other domain endings cause people to have to remember more about the brand in order to find the brand. It’s hard enough to get people to look for a brand name, a domain ending that distracts from your brand name increases your workload. That said, if is available, maybe buy it, build it and if it works, can always improve the domain extension later. And with that too said, I own many non-dotcom domains and many people are fighting very hard to legitimize alternative domain endings. Check out The Great Internet Land Grab by the New Yorker.



May thanks @David!

So your point is that; if it is related to my purpose I should go for it?

I think it is perfect for it, it isn’t really something big. Just a blog, where I will share my thoughts about a topic.

Actually, the name is an acronym, I will take ICT as an example. Let’s assume I want to create a blog that contains everything people need to know about ICT, let’s say latest news, events, new invention etc, so can I use “.to” with this?

And also, isn’t available, this is the most painful part; it is exactly my purpose.

I guess I should add something cool with the name, something like, etc but doesn’t seems cool.

So what will you suggest?