How I Solved Blue Screen of death Issues on my Windows PC[Story]

Blue Screen of death(BSOD) can be horrifying if you are unable to solve it timely. A few weeks back I was working on my Windows PC, suddenly, my screen falls off and a blue screen appears on the screen :expressionless:
This interpretation was on a regular basis, which was very frustrating. I start searching on the web, where I read this thread [Page Fault in Nonpaged Area BSOD Error on Windows 10 Solved of hacker noon community. It motivated me to solve it by my self. So after this, I started searching for the causes for the Blue Screen of death window which could be New drivers or Corrupt system directory or some BOIS failure. I read various content that really helped me fix the error easily in simple steps.
The blog that helped a lot is:


Thank you I found this blog very much helpful. I was facing this issue from a week. And now my problem is solved.

Really good article. Thanks buddy!