How I Hacked a Bitcoin Wallet: A Step By Step Guide

How I Hacked a Bitcoin Wallet: A Step By Step Guide.

This is an old vulnerability but still is around. Not many bitcoin companies/wallets will re-use values these days when signing transactions, but people who are creating new copies of old coins and wallets generally don’t know about this vulnerability. While researching this, I discovered that a lot of Russian bitcoin hackers have coded bots to automatically grab coins from vulnerable addresses of this type and others as mentioned at the beginning of this tutorial.


The scary side of digital currencies. Looks like printing it out private keys on a piece of paper and locking it is the only solution. That brings us back to square one. What do you think?

Hi how are you? Wich is the solution if you have 2 “r”… how convert in 1 to get the privkey

smart idea

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I wouldn’t really worry. Fortunately, the flaw is almost non-existent. As I have mentioned it will work if:

These addresses re-use certain values in a transaction due to poor knowledge, programming errors, or a broken random number generator.

I have seen more people falling to investment scams than losing bitcoins because of private keys hacks. I mean I get tons of messages every day about bitcoin investment scams; people asking for help to get their money back. It is heartbreaking when I tell them that there is no possible way of transaction reverse.

For anyone who got scammed by these investments bullshit, I have a dedicated forum section where you can post about it: I am trying to make a list so hopefully, people can be more careful.

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Encrypting strings won’t save you from getting hacked yourself. :wink:

SMTP info used for the “ChainBroke” phishing software
Pass: Rwih845@d$@szr624
Mails sent to:


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