How Humanity’s Need to Be Certain Is Holding Us Back from Evolving Our society

How Humanity’s Need to Be Certain Is Holding Us Back from Evolving Our society

As I get older, something that becomes abundantly clear is that no one has any clue what the hell is going on.

You’re right that humans in California 130kya is a big deal, but I don’t think any archaeologists think humans arrived within the last 5000 years. According to wikipedia, it sounds like 16kya is pretty widely accepted, but many theories suggest arrivals before 40kya. Even if there were humans in CA 130kya (though the evidence you linked isn’t that convincing), this doesn’t mean advanced civilization existed back then. The land bridge from Asia to North America has emerged and submerged repeatedly throughout Earth’s glacial history, so massive ships wouldn’t have been necessary to get to the Americas.

Scientific communities are reluctant to believe in new, outlying evidence, because jumping to conclusions based off of outlying evidence is dangerous. Just like how you jumped to “Humanity’s Need to Be Certain Is Holding Us Back from Evolving Our society” from mostly made-up pretenses.

The article states that archeologists believe the first provable human civilization appeared around 5-6000 years ago with Sumer, not the first human. Gobleki Tepe has monolithic structures that seem to have been built by a civilization, but modern science and the academic world don’t accept Gobleki Tepe as enough proof that a civilization existed at that time, because it would disrupt the current timeline we’ve been teaching for decades. Wikipedia might agree, but scientific journals do not.

Which is why I made the point that academia is holding us back from advancing, even if you don’t think the mastodon is sufficient evidence of the beginnings of a civilization, you yourself said that civilization existed at Gobleki Tepe, which scientific journals, and modern archeology, disagree with.

It seems like the only one jumping to conclusions here is you my friend.

Also, in regards to the possibility of humans in the Americas 130,000 years ago. The reason this leads me to believe that they would have had to sail is that the closest provable appearance of human life we’ve found to that time period was in the Amazons, these people we’re inexplicably found to be of Polynesian descent. If you check out maps that used sources from that time period, there were no land bridges that could have facilitated the migration.

The problem isnt how and when our race got here. Its what we’re doing NOW and in the FUTURE to at least survive if not evolve into superior beeings.

Like you said in the title of your article, NOBODY seems to have any clue whatsoever what is going on, where we are going, or where we are suppose to go. And the only conclusion that come into my head is that the direction we are today is BAD, really BAD.

I mean, as a society, we are living now the GOLDEN AGE of a stabile and positive society. We dont have external threats ( asteroids, aliens, etc ), we dont have internal threats ( bubonic plague - micro threats, dynosaurs - macro threats, etc ), we have evolved in the last 300 years like crazy -technologically, but emotionally and mentally we are not very far from the Neanderthals.

Worse than that, we aren’t adapting or better said reacting to the natural conditions we create. And last species known for not adapting and reacting was extincted 65 million years ago.
I understand that for thausands of years, this strategy ( acaparate and dominate everything or distroy it ) was the good one. When our closest neighbours were very large felines, or very large everything, and the humans fought them with sticks and chants, its ok for long term strategy to kill everything in your path and then ask questions. At least when there are 100.000 of your peers on the Earth.
Nowadays we are 70000 times more than those 100.000 people. The kill everything and dominate your environment isnt anymore the best strategy for long term. Every of our action can cause mass extiction.

So my questions are :

  • are we able to evolve 5 minutes more than our 10k years ancestors ?
  • is there any other long term strategy for our race ?
  • can we do something about it ?

Or we will die, like the true parasithes we are today ?