How Drift is Controlling a $1.7 Billion SaaS Category

How do you build a B2B SaaS business with solid street cred?

That is, one that earns the respect of both potential and existing customers, even competitors.

And there’s a difference between customers that ‘only buy’ vs those that ‘respect and buy’ from your brand.

Ideally, you want the latter.

They’re the type that gets all excited about doing business with you because you have street cred and everyone’s talking about you.

They don’t need too much convincing to sign up because you’ve established a fairly strong level of trust in their minds.

So how do you get this type of customers? See how Drift is doing it

They’re a great example of a B2B SaaS brand that has earned so much street cred and industry leadership in the past 5 years they’ve been running.

They’re literally owning the chatbot space, a 1.7 billion dollar SaaS category.

I share everything I’ve found about how they’re doing it here for free.