How does something like this get onto Hacker Noon?


Like many people here I spend way too much time in front of a screen, so when I saw this post on the front page and was genuinely intrigued.

But after reading the first couple of paragraphs, all I can say is WTF?

We additionally energize you read the feelings and remarks of clients who have just obtained these articles, so you have the chance to add to your preferred assessment. To do as such, simply click the connections situated after the depiction of every item.

Is this auto-generated or just machine translated? And why the hell is it on the front page of Hacker Noon?


why not?
I mean if title grab your attention and this article have visits - it can be on front page i tink.
for sure, there a lot of chats about how to improve quiality of content, but as I feel HN rules - if you have interesting story to tell - you can be published


Just that the content of the article is so badly written as to be practically useless. I’d be surprised if Outbrain clickbait wasn’t better.

I just figured there was some ‘editorial’ oversight or something to ensure quality.

I’m also kinda curious whether this is machine-generated – that would be a more interesting story! xD


Hey @edL thanks for pointing out this quality issue, I have reviewed and removed the story from Hacker Noon. It’s just not well written. Although I would be interested in publishing a high quality story on what glasses to wear while using the computer. Screen culture changes the way many see the world. In terms of why the front page, all stories published get at least some front page time. Currently blocks 6-16 (counting down from the top) are the latest stories published on Hacker Noon.

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What’s with promoting glasses anyway? Computers and phones have had the blue-tint color remover for 2-3 years now. Remember flux? Then apple decided to make their own built-in feature in MacOS. If you’re going to spend money on blue-light blocking glasses just get the HD sunglasses from walmart for $20.


I think Must be some manual checking while editors approve the post.