How Do You Consume Your Hacker Noon Content?


I was on twitter today, and I’m just never really on twitter, so it was interesting to see what Hacker Noon looks like on a foreign-to-me social media platform, which got me to wondering how it is everyone consumes their Hacker Noon content.

How do you consume your Hacker Noon content? Why is that your platform of choice for consumption of daily content?

I mostly see Hacker Noon from the windows of Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Generally, it’s because Facebook is what I’ve been using to consume content for a long time. I wouldn’t call it brand loyalty, but maybe closer to a brand indoctrination?

YouTube, because I generally watch my podcasts over listening to them.

And Instagram because it’s there. But instagram seems to be more teaser content, so it’s my least used of the three.

Cheers, Ya’ll!


HN Community and from a desktop
Podcast on Playapod App
I sometimes click through from Facebook or Twitter.

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I mostly consume HN content via the Medium iOS app or Chrome browser

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