How do you add images to the post?

Not just for the header image - thanks!

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hey @brianwallace, it’s “+” left of text area, then image icon, and then filestack upload/crop. some screenshots:


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Hi David, what if no + symbol appears at all? I see only the text and title areas, with nothing to the left.

Gotcha, thanks @David!

Yeah I don’t see + symbol either. Can’t upload images now.


Can’t find Plus button as well. :frowning: Any suggestions?

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how do you add captions to images?

I also cannot add images - the “+” never appears. Any suggestions?


Same here - no plus icon!

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Same here - there is nothing at the bottom left with any controls. I have tried three different operating systems, and three different browsers.

Medium’s image, video, formatting etc. is working so it looks like I will have to publish there. Bummer

I managed to get mine working in the end, but it requires me to press delete from a previous line rather than enter from a new line.

I also did a hard flush of Chrome’s cache as there was a console error.

I’m also unable to add images to my articles. I can see the + sign only when I start a new draft, but it vanishes as soon as I click on it, after I close the pop-up window.