How do I link my Medium account and see my story stats?

It seems like my stories were pulled into the new version of HackerNoon even though I actually moved them to a different publication before the hackernoon . com switch, but that’s fine. I don’t mind having more views on my writing.

I’d like to be able to at least see the stats, but I can’t figure out how to do that. I made an account and linked my Medium username in the social panel, but that didn’t seem to do anything, and they are still two separate profiles:


How do I “claim” the first one?

Also, is there a way to set the canonical URL for a story? I’d like the version on Medium to be the first result on Google, but right now, the one on hackernoon . com is the first result, and the one on Medium doesn’t even show up in the results for the story’s title.