How Containers Affects DevOps

How Containers Affects DevOps

Today, we no longer talk about development and operations in isolation. DevOps actively combines these two, which is an essential factor in the modern software lifecycle. Along the way, Docker containers have also become popular due to the benefits they offer for DevOps. Containers affect DevOps mainly in two ways.

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That was a great read! You made a vast amount of valid points in your comparisons of virtual machines.
I’ve been working with Amazon ECS and ECR alongside CodePipeline/CodeDeploy.
The combination of the services has enormously simplified a majority of the tasks in which used to take much more time to accomplish. Which goes to show how important CI/CD is within the overall equation.
AWS Fargate is truly superb, I haven’t worked with the service yet, but with the wide array of cutting-edge features in which it brings to containers it only seems logical. If only the pricing was a bit lower :sweat_smile:


@Jordan Totally agree with you. Lots of things happening around Containers more recently and I have also been using Amazon ECS for a while. How it evolved is truly amazing. With respect to AWS Fargate, its feasible to run short running processes with the current pricing and using it for long running job is bit far until prices goes down :slight_smile: In fact it is also good to execute CI/CD tasks where AWS Lambda is also an competitive option.