How ChatGPT helps to build relationships

I have spoken to many couples and therapists, and a common theme that came up was communication problems. I dug a bit deeper and realized that these issues could be prevented if people consciously get to know each other at the initial dating stage.

So I have created an app that helps couples establish meaningful communication from the early stages of their relationship. The app gives you a question and an action for your date, then afterward app sends you a self-reflection question and asks for your feedback on how it went. The app also provides an entertaining way to keep a relationship diary. Here is our website

I’ve also heard that couples want more personalized questions that adapt to their relationship. So, I have introduced AI-generated questions based on the detailed feedback on how conversations went, their relationship diary within the app, previous questions, relationship goal, their milestones and level of intimacy. With all this context, ChatGPT model can create a personalized question about the specific issue you’re facing.

I want to make the personalization even more precise and require less input from you (because let’s be real, not everybody wants to write long diaries).

What do you think are the best ways to achieve it? I am thinking about fine-tuning the model on our examples how to ask a personalised question with less context

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