How Can I Get My Editor Access?


I have applied for hackernoon authorship so may I know, How I can get my authorship.

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you used a form, right?

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Yes Applied, then What will be the next step?


If you submit your draft at hackernoon - i assume you should wait a few days. if editors will be overwhelmed and don’t reply in 3-4 days - buzz me here again


Hi Harendrasingh,

Thank you for your request to be added as a HN writer. Unforunately, I was unable to find your Medium handle (@username). Can you double check and share it with me please so I could add you as Hacker Noon writer?

Thank you!

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It seems like medium have deleted my profile so Can I create new one?


Absolutely, you can create new medium profile and share your handle (@username) with me and I will add you as Hacker Noon writer.


Done, Created new profile … Thank you for your guidance and support.


Thank you, added you as a writer, please check your e-mail.


Thanks Received…


Hi Daria,
Hope you are doing well.
I also looking for editor access. Please provide me.

Thanks in advance