How can I check my submitted article status?

Hi there,

I submitted an article 2-3 days ago using both the methods, medium and

Is there any way to check the status, I did try the contributes section to check story but nothing came up.

Story link:

Please let me know, even if the article is rejected.


You guys have been awesome.


you can use the same form at for status check. if you don’t recieve a reply in few days - buzz me

@arthur.tkachenko I used both form at contribute.hackernoon for status checked and submitted draft on them, but I didn’t get any notification from there. It’s 11 days ago.

@faizan4it ok, i understand. Can you share here your link to your draft article?

@arthur.tkachenko Here are both drafts:

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sending them to editorial team

@arthur.tkachenko Thanks, I am waiting…

hey man, still no response. either my story is rejected or they didn’t pay attention to it. Can you please share my story as well with the editors? Its been over a week. It never took this long before.

Sorry wrong draft:

HHere is the right one @arthur.tkachenko

@romiofficialx i notified team about your article.

just wait more. team is doing their best in order to handle all this requests. especially while they growing and changing a tech stack of the website.

check my reply here: I submitted a story 3 days ago and there's no response since then

P.S. I waited in August about 1 month to get my article published. for sure i was upset. but just understand that review is a part of publishing process. story is not done, while it’s not published.

Hey Guys @romiofficialx and @faizan4it.

Thank you for your patience. Your articles will be reviewed in the next 30 minutes.

@arthur.tkachenko- Thank you very much.

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