How Can Artificial Intelligence Benefit E-Commerce Businesses?

Is it only to Retargeting Potential Customers or are there more benefits?

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@karammangat can you put some links about “retargeting potential customers” - curious to read about it.

I want to see it from this point of view. Anything, anything that will help to be us more lazy with e-commerce tasks will raise. Personal search, quick attributes, any other problem solving - will be there soon. Any stuff that can predict my need, my choice, my move.

Like if i’m talking with my friend on the phone, and we discussing window replacement, new running sneakers - it should gentle help or do it for me.


Customer centric search can b enhanced through AI. Retarget potential customers using AI


If you’re talking about Artificial Inteligence in general, including chatbots, AI etc - then, as for me, it has more benefits than you noted. And I think the main point of AI - it allows e-commerce websites to suggest products specially tailored to customer requests.To succeed in the e-commerce world, you really should have three things: useful products and services to sell, the skills to promote them, and an eagerness to try something new.
Here are seven of the most important and potentially disruptive top retail trends.


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