How AI Can Affect Public Opinions Online

How AI Can Affect Public Opinions Online

Public opinion is the most powerful tool not only in life, but also on the webspace. There are a lot of options for its use, so much so that you can “destroy” a person, harassment, etc.

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Cool article.
I think it actually affecting opinions at this moment.

There is an algorithm, that checking tweets and helps Twitter to ban people - so I think it’s not just a feature for us, but an actual reality

Moreover, we do not know what is happening behind closed doors. Such a volume of information cannot be without control. We don’t know what they do in union with the governments.

I suppose a new era of AI, it’s just beginning and China will be the first in this race.

My opinion is simple - if we was able to came with idea that it can be used against someone - then other “parties” also can take an action. Especially how often spy-ogranizations using future-tech for security reasons.

While we still giving away our data for some “free” stuff - it will continue to influence our opinions. Just read an article that twitter ban political ads.

And a lot of people - especially new gen - using more Instagram then “old-cave” social networks - so I think people and sharks will migrate to a new place.