How a Data Scrubbing Software Can Solve Your Data Quality Challenge

What’s the most critical challenge businesses face in this age of data? It’s trying to manage their data quality. The reason? Raw data is inherently bad data due to human involvement in recording data. Before you can use raw data for any business decision, you will need to ‘clean’ it up. Also known as data scrubbing, this is a process that helps you refine your data, making it accurate and reliable.

Let’s talk about this more.

What is Data Scrubbing?
Data scrubbing is a process that takes a look at your business data and scans it for duplicates, outdated, incomplete and inaccurate entries. These issues occur when a company uses multiple data points (on average 65+) to collect data about its sales, customers, billing, etc.

People often use the terms data scrubbing and data cleansing interchangeably. However, they are different things altogether.

Data cleansing is only concerned with removing inconsistencies in a simpler way whereas data scrubbing involves the use of specialized processes such as filtering, merging, decoding and translating to ensure good data quality.

By using data scrubbing software, you are essentially cleaning your database of entries that make it unviable and unsuitable for the purposes of business intelligence and data analytics.

Leave data unmanaged, and you will incur unnecessary risks on your business.
Data scrubbing involves:

  • A process that modifies, amends, and merges the relevant data, while at the same time removes outdated, corrupt. Incomplete and inaccurate data.

  • Enriching data that brings value to the business.

Well-kept and Organized Data Pays Dividends
Did you know that poor quality data could result in a loss of revenue of at least 20%? Dirty data entries, be it in marketing tools, business intelligence, CRM and more are all at risk of being laced with inconsistent data entries.

Think of it this way. If you use poor quality data, you will end up making poor decisions with severe consequences, financial, social, legal or otherwise. Alarmingly, only 16 percent of companies are of the view that the data they use is of good quality. This means their data is secure, integrated and accurate.

Contrary to popular opinion, data scrubbing is a difficult facet of data analysis. In fact, it is also the most important part of the analysis as well.

Organizations who take pains to keep spotless data records, also happen to be the most success-driven ones.

Why do you need it?

Let’s take a look at how much data scrubbing costs you on average:

  • Duplicate prevention - $1
  • Duplicate correction - $10
  • If left uncorrected - $100

Seeing these numbers, its good business sense that data is cleaned sooner rather than later, otherwise costs continue to balloon. In fact, many firms spend at least 50% of their budgets on data rehabilitation. Just imagine your sales department making calls to pseudo leads, only to realize that they are chasing after a bad investment. For maximum productivity and cost savings, having an enriched database with up to date information is essential for business success.

Data is generated by multiple entities with every passing second. Human beings, internet of things (IoT), social media, CRMs, PoS terminals, etc. This is why it becomes imperative to have a data governance strategy that includes the use of data scrubbing software. This software should be prioritized to run in the background.

Data scrubbing software does its job regardless of the database size. It removes erroneous entries from the principal record while streamlining day-to-day activities that your business uses as a result.

Feature List

A good data scrubbing software comes with the following features:

Removing Redundant Data

Suppose your database contains repetitive cells. Manual elimination of these cells is not only time-consuming and cumbersome but virtually impossible. It can be done in a manner of minutes via automated data cleansing software.

Match & Merge

For your sales and service points, it is important that they have one master list. This means all information pertaining to a single client should not only be in one place but also accurately filled. This software merges the right entries in the right fields, providing you with a principal record.

Identify Missing Data

Since you might rely on multiple data points, chances are that data or fields are missing for one client or another. You get a unified view once data scrubbing works its magic.


Data scrubbing helps keep your data clean, i.e. free from errors and/or outdated information. Everything in your database is properly managed throughout its entire lifecycle. If you keep the data you collect as it is for far too long, you lose the competitive business edge. For faster and better-quality decision making, companies should consider investing in data scrubbing software.