Hodlonaut's pro bono lawyer: "I cannot imagine practicing law in any other field."


Source, https://weareallhodlonaut.com/


I’m in awe at the amount of people that are donating to this. Maybe I’m missing a part of the story or something, but essentially the Hodlonaut guy received a DM from some guy claiming he’s going to sue him? However, the guy who sent the DM hasn’t taken any sort of legal action yet and has no clue who the Hodlonaut person even is. “Wright is likely to have quite the warchest to cover his own legal costs, so that he could bring an action against this man for vocalizing views on a matter of public interest. Luckily, there’s something we can do to help.” I don’t know if being trolled or don’t understand the happenings within the bitcoin community. “We’re raising funds to ensure that Hodlonaut can continue to fight Craig Wright. He has already retained legal counsel and paid a retainer fee. He may have to pay more still if Wright files suit” Is there fighting even actually happening, especially considering Hodlonaut’s identity is still unknown and there hasn’t been anything more than an angry DM threat. Not to mention throughout the entire article his merch shop is being promoted. Then there’s this tweet :grin: image

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