HN feature request

  1. email notifications, i.e your article was published, congratulations + link
  2. ability to copy a link of your article - it’s hard for me to share my stuff with my students
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Question - does all new articles have a new topic at forum created automatically? or we should post it from scratch in order to compete?

notification is coming!!! hopefully this week!

@linh awesome news! what also in plan to do?

Hey @arthur.tkachenko, story submitted, story rejected, and story published automated emails are now all live.

@David then i’m uploading more memes!

today checked website and have some more ideas. will share them soon

  • add button “Scroll to the top” on tablet
  • i cannot see hamburger menu on tablet.
  • Hard to read FAQ from tablet
  • I cannot open few GoogleDocs that connected to FAQ. they opens blank