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just tested out @nkgokul’s chrome plugin: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/highlights-by-learning-pa/fiajhjomgpnlefcbdhfghnbhpillkklb Pretty cool to have highlights from across the web stored in one place.

you can add notes and tags to highlights, so this plugin could also be useful for gathering your sources while writing something long form. it’s built with MERN stack.

check it out! leave some feedback.


Thanks for starting the thread David. Look forward to feedback and feature requests from the community.

Personally I have made around 1000 highlights and notes in the last month :stuck_out_tongue: I am using it as my de-facto search dashboard for anything I have read.

We are fine tuning our search for power users. Would love insights from a few power readers.

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@nkgokul Tried it just now and it’s very easy to use! A cool feature to add would be for other people to see most popular highlights (at least by those who install the extension), as well as actual highlight visuals on the page.

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Thanks for the feedback linh. Great suggestion. It is in the todo list.

We are currently having only private highlights. We will be coming with an option of public highlights shortly and then we can do this feature.

As the number of highlights increases on the page getting the UI right will be difficult. Also some people might have concerns about privacy. We need to get these right before rolling out the feature.


Another feedback: it’s pretty annoying when I use text editor such as one on Paperform but Learning path registers that effort as highlight instead. I keep not being able to select a text to edit and instead be prompted to highlight.

That said, I did 8 hightlights so far :smile:


Hey David,

Thanks for sharing this thread