Heroku Remote Culture with Francis Lacoste AMA

remote culture AMA

Hello, I’m Francis Lacoste,

I have worked from home for the past 20 years. I started my management career in 2007 as part of a remote-first culture at Canonical. I joined Heroku and Salesforce over 7 years ago to help support and expand the remote culture.

I’m now a Senior Director, Software Engineering at Salesforce Heroku and I’ll be answering your questions about remote work and how we experience the Remote Culture here at Heroku, live on March 4th at 12 PST/3pm EST

To learn more about our remote culture at Heroku, take a look at the following resources:


Hi Francis! Thank you for doing this AMA !
My question is what are the signs that point to the need for hiring remote workers?


Hi Francis! Apart from Slack and Google Tools, what other tools wold you recommend when hiring remote workers?


Thank you for sharing your experience with the community!
I was wondering, do VCs think of remote teams as less desirable for funding than others? And if so, how to overcome this perception?


Hello Francis, big thanks for sharing your knowledge!
What is legal in country A might be illegal in country B. For example, casinos. Is there a way remote work can overcome such challenges?


Hi Francis, enjoyed reading the article you’ve shared about Heroku team work process!
What helped your team to increase productivity despite time zone differences?


What are some team-bonding exercises that have helped Heroku enhance productivity?


What are some industries that have resisted remote work culture?
Thank you for the AMA!


What’s your proudest moment till date at Salesforce?


Hi Francis! Thank you for sharing your expertise with Hacker Noon community!
I was wondering how does Heroku overcome the language/cultural barriers between inter-country workers in this post-truth environment?


Thanks for willing to do AMA and those articles

Where do we register for your upcoming AMA?

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You can ask your questions in this thread.

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Hey @flacoste, thanks for doing the AMA. At Hacker Noon, I spend time on activities that drive our core three metrics: time reading, words published and revenue generated. No matter what every week (well almost every week), I have three meetings (editorial, sponsorship, and product) that I prepare for, attend and build actions around. How do you and your team go about structuring time so that it maps to your core metrics? And does being remote change how you approach and execute this?

Additionally, what are the best perks and benefits to give remote workers?


Hi! Thanks for taking the time!

Can you speak to your experience building consensus and generating alignment as a member of leadership? What leadership & management specific challenges or advantages have you felt as a remote leader (rather than a leader of remotes)?

What would you say to members of leadership who see remote as a stumbling block (potentially a dealbreaker) for leadership positions, especially in a large mixed remote team?


Can you tell more about the history of the Code-ish podcast and how you came up with this idea?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

How acquisition by SalesForce changed Heroku strategy?

One of the biggest challenges I think teams run into with remote work is the lack of face time. As a result, teams tend to add meetings which can be bad for productivity and a challenge to schedule when the team spans timezones.

I’d like to experiment with async face time solutions. One option might be to encourage everyone to do a weekly twitch-like “show and tell”. It could be a simple 5m video with a split screen showing a recent accomplishment along with a window of their face pitching their work. These videos could be added to our #progress channel on Slack and reduce synchronous meeting time.

How do you solve the face time problem currently, and how would you like to solve it in an ideal world?


Are you seeing a rise in users building cryptocurrency and/or blockchain based applications with Heroku?

How do you eliminate life’s distractions in remote work?