Here's Why Journalists Won't Write About Your Startup

Here’s Why Journalists Won’t Write About Your Startup

The media is a key point of contact for the marketing team of any startup. As a tech journalist and freelance writer, I talk to hundreds of SMEs, startups, fortune 500 companies, investors and industry experts every year. I receive thousands of press releases and invitations to events and conferences. Many businesses do themselves and their product a real disservice meaning we can’t or won’t write about them. Let’s walk through some of the most common mistakes so you can avoid them:


Thank you very much for the info. We hope to begin that very some process very soon with D-CLEAR.COM and can not afford any mistakes. Keep the great knowledge coming.

The article seems like an invitation for startups to contact the writers. But, if the writer does not respond the first time there is not going to be a relationship or a story to be told.

My experience with the traditional tech media is that it revolves mostly around Apple products. In many instances it is corrupt - we get featured if we pay.

Hackernoon and medium allows us to tell our story ourselves, without the need for a relationship with a writer of dealing with the corrupt traditional tech media.