Hackers steal 41-million worth of bitcoin from binance cryptocurrency exchange


The hacks continue… this is going to be a fun time for the chain analysis companies !


Thats fine. It cant be stopped. These are the reasons I always say, Move to DEX.

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Despite these setbacks, crypto is the future of currency. Banks get robbed too right?:sunglasses:


the problem is that exchange hacks permanently confused with chain hacks, but yes, hack them all please and we get the speculators culture out of the environment


Exchanges should step up their security level, rather than focus on the new IEO craze and profit maximization. My advise to everyone is, don’t store coins on exchanges unless when you are trading them. For instance, I accumulated VEIL on VINEX and moved to my private wallet. Sometimes moving to private wallet is even advantageous for staking and masternode purposes.