@HackerNoon Twitter Now Automatically Tags Authors


For every new story published, the @hackernoon account automatically tags the author in tweets about the story on the day of publication, 1 week after and 1 month after. It also adds the first two tags as hashtags. @dane built this yesterday and we made it live today.

I’m very excited to control more of our distribution rules. One of our most requested Twitter practices was to tag the contributing writer. If their Twitter account is connected to their Hacker Noon bio, the contributing writer will now be automatically tagged 3x in the month after publishing each story. ex:
We want to remain a lean team that creates smart, simple and systematic methods to amplify the publish button.

How else can Hacker Noon improve its story distribution or twitter presence?


I have updated my bio with twitter id, but my posts are not tagged? Am i missing something.


Hey @NKumar, I see you typed in your twitter account in the bio, but this function currently only works when you connect your twitter account.

Your account doesn’t have the twitter icon.

Connected accounts have the twitter icon. Once this icon shows, you know you’re set up to be automaticly tagged.

In Hacker Noon 2.0, the workflow will be slightly different but the primary function is the same: the software pulls from connected twitter accounts to tag the author on twitter.

Hope that helps.


Got it now, thanks @David

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