HackerNoon Story Content is Not Cached in Google

@davidh @Limarc @techview - Could you plz let me know why HackerNoon Story Content is not cached in Google Cache??

Cache Link - https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:q80yhr-yKFcJ:https://hackernoon.com/best-drag-and-drop-mobile-app-builders-for-android-and-iphone-mv2o37k2+&cd=15&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=in&client=firefox-b-d

Story Link - https://hackernoon.com/best-drag-and-drop-mobile-app-builders-for-android-and-iphone-mv2o37k2

Thanks for flagging this @aasif-khan! I’m not sure what the issue is but I’m forwarding it to tech-support right now.

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Thanks Limarc… Please let me know once fixd.

@Limarc any updates ??

No updates yet.

Please try to do this ASAP… Thanks!

@Limarc still not resolved … Please fix the issue ASAP.

Hi Aasif-Khan,

I know it’s not resolved yet, as I’m the one who sent the issue to the devs and am monitoring it.

The reason you haven’t heard anything yet is because the issue was reported just before the weekend, so the devs didn’t have a chance to get to it before signing off.

I will update you here and/or via the email you send me directly as well detailing the same issue, as soon as it is resolved.

Thanks for your patience.

Ok Thanks

Hi Aasif just an update:

Our dev found the cause of the issue and is looking into a fix right now. Will get back to you when it is done!

@Limarc Still page caching old with same issue… Please ask your tech team to fetch the page in GSC of HackerNoon… Hope issue will resolve next caching.

@Limarc Google Cache New But Now Its Totally Blank… http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:q80yhr-yKFcJ:https://hackernoon.com/best-drag-and-drop-mobile-app-builders-for-android-and-iphone-mv2o37k2&client=firefox-b-d&hl=en&gl=in&strip=0&vwsrc=0

Could You Please Check and Ask Your Tech Team to Fix The Issue ASAP… Thanks!

Thanks for your update and sorry for the wait. We’re aware of the current situation. I just spoke to the dev yesterday about this and he assured me he is working on it. It has to do with our new editor improvements in editor 3.0, so it is not a simple fix.

Thanks again for your patience in this matter.