HackerNoon 2.0 first imperssion: viewership #s decline, stickiness UP!


My first impression of publishing on HN 2.0: https://hackernoon.com/final-bot-pre-launch-andand-initial-hn-20-post-wm45j3ze3

After 8 days, while my viewership #s are down, the stickiness and healthiness of those views has increased TREMENDOUSLY since the departure from Medium’s auspices.

Have you other contributors found the same net net result?

Congratulations again, team!


As stats get captured more comprehensive, the absolute views and where they come from will be made available to contributors. Stay tuned.

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That’s fantastic news!

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Oh wow, this #stories category is fantastic! Adding community interest and feedback to the published stuff!

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I believe this story brought me a very interesting addition to my telegram channel: a friendly person representing cryptocatbot, a stable, well-known paid market making bot that supports dozens of APIs and features! :smiley: the marketing collaboration alone is a fantastic opportunity for me and the other devs in my community.